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    Quitting Sugar – 1 Month In

    I decided to quit sugar on 18 February 2018. Cold turkey.  Excluding the first few months of my life, and the tiny dessert helping I had at a wedding a few weeks ago, this is officially the longest I have ever been without some form of pastry or chocolate. Do I feel more energised? Hell No! I’m super stressed. Do I feel awesome about this life choice? Nope. I crave chocolate every second of every day. Why did I do it then? Please follow and like us:

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    Awesome homeschool resources

    I haven’t spoken a lot about my homeschooling journey that is coming on to two years now. Mostly because I feel it’s a dynamic process in which we like to try different things and see what works / what doesn’t work. But in all this, I have found some invaluable resources that i can’t do my job without: ORGANISING I used to spend my nights checking out these amazing homeschool classroom setups on Pinterest, and see-sawed between feeling hopelessly inadequate  and… actually, there was no see-sawing. I looked at how organised everyone one, and how beautiful their homeschool classrooms were and I couldn’t help BUT feel terribly unprepared for this.…

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    Stop being a control freak

    I’m usually pretty laid back about life.  I believe in balance. That Rome wasn’t built in a day. And I’m trying very hard to effectively manage my work vs home life – which is challenging when your office is right next to the bedroom and upstairs from the kitchen. Please follow and like us:

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    Homeschooling? I must be mad!

    So let me start off by saying that homeschooling is something we had been considering for a while but never really done anything about because, you know, most kids in our community go to an actual brick & mortar school. But a number of factors led us to the point where we decided to homeschool brightboy from this year. Please follow and like us:

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    The worst thing that can happen

    “What is the worst thing that can happen to you?” I asked a client this morning when we were discussing honesty and the courage to speak out when you disagree with someone. For many, getting fired is that worst thing. I don’t fear getting fired. Instead, I fear losing my family. But that’s life stuff… When it comes to training, I fear burpees. I dread them. I hate them with every fibre of my being. And while I often use anger as the motivator to help me go bigger, better and faster, nothing can help me conquer a burpee. Which brings me to the worst things that could possibly happen…

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    Delicious grain free, sugar free banana loaf

    I love banana loaf, but have found it difficult to create a recipe that is grain free, sugar free, and does not contain any form of corn/maize (important for Da Son). It’s taken a fair bit of experimentation but I think I finally have a winner. BIG PLUS: It got a thumbs-up from Da Kids, who showed fantastic willpower to save some for school the next day. I didn’t take step-by-step photographs and will add them in when I bake this again. Meanwhile, try this and enjoy! Delicious grain free, sugar free banana loaf ** Preheat your oven to 180°C** Mash & Mix: * 3 small bananas (or two large…

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    Fear & Loathing in Hout Bay

    I may have vomited a little in my mouth. Yes, that appeared to be my body’s response to the raw fear I felt when I looked at the box in front of me and realised that there was nothing smaller coming my way. It was an evening of weights, weights and more weights. And box jumps, but more on that later. On the upside, it appears I still have my mojo when it comes to hard headed persistence (thanks to years of kung fu and months and months of triathlon training). We learnt about push presses and other kinds of lifting work, which was awesome as I enjoy weight training…

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    CrossFit Chronicles: On Ramp Day 1

    Compression socks: check Ankle brace: check Comfy training gear: check Buff: check Eaten enough for energy: check (worried that I may go into an energy low, I had my LCHF packed lunch… and also a crapload of Super Cs, jellybeans and half a bag of rusks. This may have been a mistake.) Dear {insert deity of choice}, please don’t let me cry, puke, pass out or die tonight. Nobody may know that I am wearing two sport bras to minimise the boobage. I’m not the praying kind but I found myself in the parking lot of the Hout Bay CrossFit Box, chatting to the old gods and the new, hoping…

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    Things I want right now…

    Day 10 of spending quality time on either my bed or the couch, foot in the air. 10 days of minimal activity, where my physical achievements include crutching down the stairs to the couch in the morning, and getting off the couch to crutch back up again in the evening. I thought this would be a good time to kick-start my diet. I do have about 20kg to lose after all, and what better time than while sitting on my arse, doing absolutely nothing – apart from working, eating and watching Doctor Who. Please follow and like us: