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    #myrightfoot surgery – a storyboard

    After walking with a damaged right ankle for about six months, I finally had surgery on 26 January. What with everything happening in my life - busy work season (one of my clients is the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon), the kids having just started a new school year (including Da Son starting at a brand new school) - I considered moving the surgery until May. But in the end, I found myself booked in at Constantiaberg Mediclinic at 6am last Monday. It turned out to be a very difficult two days, and I am still struggling with pain management and the frustration of being immobile. But I don't want…

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    Race Report: Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum MTB Challenge

    I should have known. I should have known when I had to try and control Da Son’s excited nudging forward to the front of the start group, while at the same time attempting to stop Da Chick from freaking out, that this was a race that was best suited for two parents. Or perhaps two parents, two guardians, two cheerleaders, a paramedic and a back-up. But it was only Sofie and I, and I had a sinking feeling that our grand plan of me chasing the front with Da Son and Sof cruising in the back with Da Chick wasn’t going to work out. Please follow and like us:

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    No Training? No Problem! A Prime Jailbreak Triathlon Race Report

    “Are you ready?” she asked me on Thursday evening. “I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to pack the car,” I replied. Inside the house, Da Husband and Da Kids where chilling out, the house filled with the usual evening noises of a family winding down when it’s not a school night. Outside, I was checking the contents of my tri bucket, checking my wheels, triple checking that I had packed my ankle brace for running… Please follow and like us:

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    Changing directions

    As you probably know by now, I recently left the cushy comfort of full-time employment to work as a solopreneur (or, freelancer). I wanted to walk the talk of being dedicated to my husband and children.  I wanted flexibility.  I wanted to rediscover my creative voice. As a result, you will see some changes to this site in the coming weeks and months… Please follow and like us:

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    Plot twist – Now Pink and I have something in common…

    This story's getting a little old now... January: overhydrate & collapse at Ironman 70.3 and wake up in the medical tent. January - March: walk around with my ankle hanging on the floor. An MRI diagnoses a non-existent peroneal tendon. April: Peroneal tendon reconstruction & repair surgery. May & June: Foot in the air, in a leg cast. July - September: Intense rehab to get back on track, in order to join the rest of my training team in preparation for IM70.3 in 2014. That was my year so far. Then I resigned from my job to start up my own freelance business and focus on my family. I had…

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    If your bad run had a voice

    I had a bad run this morning.  Bad, because I wanted to give up.  Good, because I didn’t, and ran-walked the entire 45 minutes at 99% of my body weight, conquering nausea, boredom and the voice inside my head. That little voice has many names.  Matthew Inman, the genius behind The Oatmeal calls it The Blerch. Please follow and like us:

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    It all started with a spear through Da Husband’s leg. Three Sundays ago, Da Husband went spear fishing while I was on babysitting duty.  I had the whole day planned out… some indoor training, followed by a hair cut, taking a walk with the kids and dogs and catching up on some work. Please follow and like us: