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    Quitting Sugar – 1 Month In

    I decided to quit sugar on 18 February 2018. Cold turkey.  Excluding the first few months of my life, and the tiny dessert helping I had at a wedding a few weeks ago, this is officially the longest I have ever been without some form of pastry or chocolate. Do I feel more energised? Hell No! I’m super stressed. Do I feel awesome about this life choice? Nope. I crave chocolate every second of every day. Why did I do it then? Please follow and like us:

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    Delicious grain free, sugar free banana loaf

    I love banana loaf, but have found it difficult to create a recipe that is grain free, sugar free, and does not contain any form of corn/maize (important for Da Son). It’s taken a fair bit of experimentation but I think I finally have a winner. BIG PLUS: It got a thumbs-up from Da Kids, who showed fantastic willpower to save some for school the next day. I didn’t take step-by-step photographs and will add them in when I bake this again. Meanwhile, try this and enjoy! Delicious grain free, sugar free banana loaf ** Preheat your oven to 180°C** Mash & Mix: * 3 small bananas (or two large…

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    PLOT TWIST!! My shock of the week.

    I had planned to dedicated today’s blog post about my newfound swimming skillz, and was looking for a pic from last night’s swim session to post online. And then I found the pic.  I gasped.  Then I cried a little (but only on the inside).  And then I told my boss that I was having a chocolate moment, which was his cue to get me a piece of chocolate from his super-secret stash and carefully – as not to provoke any rabid-dog-like reaction from me – place my mood stabilizer of choice next to my laptop. Please follow and like us:

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    Can I Have A Slab Of Chocolate With That?

    As I walked towards our complex gate late yesterday afternoon to grab a lift with Da Husband to a joint appointment, one of the gardeners called out, “are you getting FAT?” I stopped dead in my tracks.  Did I just hear right?  Then he started walking towards me and said genially, “yeah, I thought so… you’ve gained weight.” Shocked, I muttered, “gee thanks” and opened the gate to make my escape but he would have none of that.  “Why are you saying thanks? It’s true. You are getting fat.” “Well, that’s no way to speak to a lady,” I managed to blurt out before stomping off and climbing into Da…