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    Plot twist – Now Pink and I have something in common…

    This story's getting a little old now... January: overhydrate & collapse at Ironman 70.3 and wake up in the medical tent. January - March: walk around with my ankle hanging on the floor. An MRI diagnoses a non-existent peroneal tendon. April: Peroneal tendon reconstruction & repair surgery. May & June: Foot in the air, in a leg cast. July - September: Intense rehab to get back on track, in order to join the rest of my training team in preparation for IM70.3 in 2014. That was my year so far. Then I resigned from my job to start up my own freelance business and focus on my family. I had…

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    If your bad run had a voice

    I had a bad run this morning.  Bad, because I wanted to give up.  Good, because I didn’t, and ran-walked the entire 45 minutes at 99% of my body weight, conquering nausea, boredom and the voice inside my head. That little voice has many names.  Matthew Inman, the genius behind The Oatmeal calls it The Blerch.

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    It all started with a spear through Da Husband’s leg. Three Sundays ago, Da Husband went spear fishing while I was on babysitting duty.  I had the whole day planned out… some indoor training, followed by a hair cut, taking a walk with the kids and dogs and catching up on some work.

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    PLOT TWIST!! My shock of the week.

    I had planned to dedicated today’s blog post about my newfound swimming skillz, and was looking for a pic from last night’s swim session to post online. And then I found the pic.  I gasped.  Then I cried a little (but only on the inside).  And then I told my boss that I was having a chocolate moment, which was his cue to get me a piece of chocolate from his super-secret stash and carefully – as not to provoke any rabid-dog-like reaction from me – place my mood stabilizer of choice next to my laptop.

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    Revenge starts here…

    Tonight at 6pm I’ll be starting my 6-month journey to Ironman 70.3 again.   You may remember how my previous attempt ended with me going for a little sleep in the ambulance and waking up in the medical tent at the finish line – followed by an ugly cry. So I’m excited to seeing some old faces and meeting new people, but I thought I should take stock of where I’m at so I can  start my 2013/2014 Embark programme with a clear mind, focused on revenge.

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    Rehab & Starting Over

    In just a little bit over a month I’ll be starting my 2014 Ironman 70.3 training.  It will be my second attempt to finish, after a spot of over-hydration took me out of the race and into the medical tent earlier this year. Yeah… I was a little over-zealous with the whole water drinking thing.  And come to think about it… it was a New Thing I Tried On Race Day.  Lesson learnt, moving on.

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    Looking Ahead (a.k.a. Escape From Robben Island)

    I’m literally counting down the days and hours until my cast comes off… Friday, 7 June @ 10am Needless to say I can already taste the freedom and smell the Veet that will be applied to get my leg silky smooth the moment I get back home. 18 days & 20 hours… probably a reasonable time to wait, hey? My patience is wearing pretty thin and I’m thinking of cunning ways to escape from this prison without anybody finding out…  Like the other day when my friend Natasha, who also happens to be a teacher at my kids’ school, told me that they use the same stuff my cast is made of…

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    Surviving Peroneal Tendon Surgery: Hopalong’s Tips

    People have taken to calling me Hopalong.  Friends, colleagues, family – I should have seen it coming… Anyhoo, after a quick visit to Dr Narramore’s office yesterday, the good news is that my foot is healing well. It all started with two concerned emails to him.  I’m a bit of a surgery rookie and get performance anxiety pretty easily.  And not knowing what would be classified as normal, I was getting a little worried. I think by that point they were more worried about me becoming high-maintenance, so they told me to come in for a cast change and for the doc to have a quick peek at the scar.…

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    Surviving Peroneal Tendon Surgery: Day 15 – Going Mental

    So here I am, back on my bed, with my foot propped up on four pillows.   The cut is burning (is that a good or bad sign?) and every time I move my foot inside the cast it feels like a thousand tiny woodpeckers are chipping away at the bone (is that a good or bad sign?). Oh, and every time my foot isn’t elevated, it swells up so badly that it feels like it wants to break out of the cast.  And my toes turn blue. I think the bossman Sparkles said it best when he told me “every minute your foot isn’t raised above your heart is…

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    My take on Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is around the corner, and if you have school-going kids, chances are that you – like me – would have been invited to some kind of school celebration at some point this week. Of course, this is also the perfect time for self-proclaimed intellectuals to lace their ink with acid and tell everyone who cares to listen why days like Mother’s and Father’s Day no longer have a place in modern society. I have read most of these columns and while I think they’re just taking themselves waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too seriously, I must admit that I agree with some of their points to a certain extent. Commercialism and keeping…