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    Revenge starts here…

    Tonight at 6pm I’ll be starting my 6-month journey to Ironman 70.3 again.   You may remember how my previous attempt ended with me going for a little sleep in the ambulance and waking up in the medical tent at the finish line – followed by an ugly cry. So I’m excited to seeing some old faces and meeting new people, but I thought I should take stock of where I’m at so I can  start my 2013/2014 Embark programme with a clear mind, focused on revenge. Please follow and like us:

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    Rehab & Starting Over

    In just a little bit over a month I’ll be starting my 2014 Ironman 70.3 training.  It will be my second attempt to finish, after a spot of over-hydration took me out of the race and into the medical tent earlier this year. Yeah… I was a little over-zealous with the whole water drinking thing.  And come to think about it… it was a New Thing I Tried On Race Day.  Lesson learnt, moving on. Please follow and like us:

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    Rest Week & Time Trials

    The week’s been fairly relaxed, training-wise, as we’re enjoying a week of rest ahead of Block 3 of our training programme which, according to Steve, will be cranking things up a notch or five. In the coming weeks we’ll start to do early Friday morning swims in the Waterfront Canal (ACK!!!) and I hope that by that time the open water panic attacks would have come to an end. While we won’t be doing much training, this actually happens to be time trial week and I’m excited to see if my time’s improved in the 1km swim.  And, as it’s Da Chick’s school concert on Thursday night, I will do…

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    Let the games begin!

    “Sooooo babe, how’z about going to Beaverlac next weekend?” Da Husband looks at me hopefully. “We could… but that means I will miss my second training ride and I have a lot of catching up to do…” “Maybe I could go with the kids and give you some me-time?” And so begins the give-and-take (but mostly taking) of having committed to a race that I’m severely under-qualified for.  I mean, I only started running last year, completed my first half marathon this year, I can barely swim, I’ve only just recovered from severe anemia and related health issues that took me out of any kind of training for three months,…