I’m prone to performance anxiety and often get nightmares before a big event.

In this case it’s time trial week:

  • 5km running time trial today
  • 1km swimming time trial on Thursday
  • 40km bike time trial on Saturday

I’m nervous about the running and swimming, but last night I had this freaking swimming nightmare that just wouldn’t end.

’twas the eve of the swim time trial and everyone had gathered by the pool…

… the swimming champs were in the fast lanes. ¬†Sofie, Megan, Maria and I were in the slow lane as usual.

Then the swim started and suddenly we realised that, while the other lanes had 25m of crystal clear pool ahead of them, the slow lane had a swampy obstacle course which included crawling through mud, climbing up a 15m platform and jumping down into the water again before turning around and repeating the process, for 1 kilometre.

Oh, and the wetsuit I was given was WAY to big for me and the too-long arms and legs were flapping about as I was trying to swim.

It took the slow-lane something like two hours to finish the time trial and Steve told us we weren’t ready for the 70.3.


what does that mean???