January felt like a million years, and when the sun set on the 31st, I felt like I had aged considerably. I could feel it in my joints and in my brain.

My word for #2020 is #simplify. Yet, I spent this month grappling with complex issues. An ill parent. Taking on a lot of work on risk and not getting paid for it at the end of the month. Grappling with the idea of letting a longstanding project go. It was hard, I struggled, it was messy.

By 10pm I was tired. Like a friend aptly tweeted, my tired was tired.

Then my #teen daughter took me by the hand, asked me to tuck her in and let her read to me.

And there, in that messy room, full of cat hair and scattered drawings, I found myself again.

I closed my eyes as I listened to her voice – as clear as tinkling bells – and realised that I was exactly I needed to be: Enjoying the simple act of being read to by my teenage daughter.

Simplifying my life isn’t as difficult after all.