a.k.a. Day 1 of Sleekgeek’s 21-Day Pulse Challenge

A couple of things happened in my life the past few weeks that convinced me to not wait until after Christmas 2020 to give my long overdue road to wellness another go:

  • My teenagers started making beached whale jokes.
  • I hopped onto the scale and realised that all my COVID baking did absolutely nothing to flatten my lockdown curves.
  • I started annoying my friends with my tearful whatsapp complaints about my weight-gain (blaming possible early menopause because I’m “at that age now”) – while inhaling a large bag of my beloved Woolies Malted Puffs.
  • I postponed a dinner with an old friend I haven’t seen in a while because I was embarrassed about how much weight I had piled on.

Now, I know three things about myself:

  1. I can’t deprive myself of anything because I go nuts. So no, while it’s a great idea and has changed the lives of many people, I can’t go sugar free, Paleo, Keto, etc etc etc. I’ve tried. I’ve failed. Even intermittent fasting was an absolute disaster because I’d be all-in and committed during the fasting hours. But the moment my eating window opened I ate ALL. THE. THINGS.
  2. No matter how good my intentions, I have to be absolutely moderate. Otherwise I’ll start out a new venture with 1000% commitment and burn out within a week. And then I’ll ate myself.
  3. I want to go from Homer Simpson to Christmas Abbott in a week, and when I don’t, I drown my sorrows in too much gin and chocolate.
Take me from fat to fit… NOW!

So with that in mind, I’m going to do things differently, and chip away at this slowly. I have downloaded a 12-month zero to marathon programme so that I can run New York marathon for time next year. I’ve signed up to a morning stretch and mobility programme that I can do while The Husband’s coffee is brewing. And I have completed Day 1 of Sleekgeek’s 21-day Pulse Challenge (in partnership with 1Life) – a wellness challenge that aims to change your habits over time.

Today’s challenge was to “Stand up for your health” which prompted participants to spend less time sitting, and to get up and move around for a minute or so after sitting for an hour. It was surprisingly challenging (which is why it’s called a challenge, right?), because I’m so used to staring at my laptop screen for 14 or more hours a day. But here’s how today went:

  • I started my day with some stretches, followed by 100 skips (can I just say how much easier it is when you skip with an IMAGINARY rope?!?!).
  • Staying hydrated is not a strong point, so I got up every hour, on the hour, to have a glass of water, and to have a quick cuddle with Gilly – our dog and favourite child.
  • I got up from my desk at a decent time for a change, and made supper – which is something I rarely do.

So, with Day 1 in the bag, I’m happy with a solid start. Hopefully if I focus on one day at a time (and sometimes, one hour or one minute at a time), I’ll get there.

Here we go again. Again. Let’s hope it sticks this time around.