It’s been a tough week on the work, home and training front.  My run was slow and cumbersome.  I had (and still have) a lot of work stress.  I’m the only one in the household who isn’t sick.  So all in all, I didn’t have a lot of fun.

So after a day of emotional eating (incl a slab of chocolate, a packet of chips, packet of nuts, two slices of office birthday cake and a mini doughnut I stole from a colleague’s desk – sorry Iain… that was me) I felt pretty crappy and sat in my car before our swimming session, ready to turn the ignition and go home.

But I put on my big girl panties, got out and faced my fears and lo… I had a great swimming session!

Great is obviously a relative term and I don’t think coach Steve would classify it as great, but there has been a definite improvement out there in the slow lane and I managed to keep my face in the water most of the time!  YEAY!  Towards the end things got a little hairy though because Steve wanted me to work on the right posture which meant that I concentrated so hard on counting my strokes and keeping my chin close to my chest that I’d forget to breathe…  But I’m really pleased with tonight and actually feel a teeny tiny little ray of hope shining down on me.

Stayin’ Alive…

So as I mentioned, I’ve been sitting with a house full of sick people:  two kids with various degrees of bad colds and a husband with manflu.  Fun.

My main priority right now is to stay healthy and to fight off the lurgies.  That includes obsessive-compulsive handwashing and popping all kinds of supplements to keep me strong.

Just a glassful of orange juice helps the medicine go down… in the most deliiiightful waayyyyyy!

Generally my daily supplements include vitamin C, my omegas (which isn’t 100% plant-based, but after a health crisis that lasted more than three months, I am open to any option that works for me), my iron supplement (which I must take with orange juice) and Sutherlandia, a natural immune booster that I swear by.

I need to keep a close eye on my iron levels as I am prone to bouts of severe anemia (not related to my diet), so my goal is to remain healthy and fighting fit until race day.


I’m writing this post from the toasty warm comfort of my bed.  My alarm’s been set for 04h45 as I must still get the kids’ school bags ready before I leave for my morning bootcamp session with coach Steve and the rest of the group.

But I have a plan!  Just like last year and two weeks ago, I will once again sleep in my training gear so that I simply have to roll out of bed in the morning, put on my shoes and get the party started.  Clever, hey?

HA – no need for these twinkle toes to be cold tomorrow morning!

I’m looking forward to bootcamp.  But, to be honest, I’m also secretly hoping for rain so that I can have a bit of a snooze.

There’s still a long journey ahead, but you know what they say:

We’ll get there, coach Steve. Right?  RIGHT????