It’s day 4.  Thursday.  Three days after my surgery.  And I thought I’d give you an update on what was actually done, an idea of what the surgery (may have) looked like and how I’m working at getting better.

What Was Done?

  1. Peroneal Tendon Repair:  Repairing the tears in my peroneal tendon (the MRI showed a few)
  2. Fibular groove deepening osteotomy:  The bottom end of the bone was flat instead of concave and he had to create a deeper groove for the tendons to sit in place.  According to Google it involves drilling into the bone, depressing the center (breaking it) and in that way deepen the groove to make it concave.
  3. Peroneal longus to peroneal brevis transfer: No idea, but I’ll ask the doc for more info tomorrow.  But he told me once I was fully awake that I only had about 1mm of tendon left by my ankle, so I guess he had to do a graft or something.  Will report back.

What Does It Look Like?

Here’s an idea of what was done (plus, it’s not so gory like actual pics).


How Am I Getting Better?

I continue to feel better, but it’s amazing how energy sapping bed rest can be!  I have officially been booked off sick for this week, even though the doc said I shouldn’t do anything before next Wednesday.

But the way I operate, when somebody tells me to expect to feel better within the next four to ten days, I’ll immediately decide that the four-day window applies to me!

It’s hard to not do anything when you’re not actually sick.  I don’t have a cold or flu or some infectious disease that’s left me bedridden. Nor am I doing something significant like recovering from chemo.  Nope, I just have a sore foot in a thick surgical cast, and it drives me absolutely insane!

Like this morning, when the kids were fighting over something stupid and Da Husband was struggling to navigate the morning suicide hour on his own, I grabbed my crutches, hobbled over to their bedroom and laid down the law.  Except that I kinda stumbled along the way and had to hobble back in agony.

Then I decided to have a bath which was lovely, but the few minutes that my foot was not elevated brought on more pain.

And a few minutes ago, when I told my mom that I just needed to get off my bed and go for a walk (and I mean, like a 7-metre walk on crutches, from our room to the kids’ room and back), I lost my balance, fell against the wall, banged my foot and had to limp back to where I am now once again on my back and in agony.

Will I ever listen?

Probably not.

But I have a serious case of cabin fever and I’m still 99% bed-bound for about 10 days and then house-bound for another four weeks.

It’s hard to have to ask somebody to make you tea or bring you a glass of water.  My mom’s been great (our nanny is busy writing her exams) and has not only been totally committed to helping me every minute of the day; she’s also been running my errands for the past two days.  But there’s only so much kindness anyone can endure before your incapability to do anything for yourself starts to drive you crazy.

Ntombi will be back tomorrow and I already have a long list of stuff she’ll need to sort out for me, excluding all the meals and snacks she needs to prepare!

From what I know Da Husband and Da Son will go fishing on Sunday.  Hopefully I can organise a playdate for Da Chick so that I can spend the day on my own on the couch (that is, if I can actually get downstairs).

It is only day 4!!!

I need to let go.

I need to let go.

I need to let go.


At least I have Jackie Chan and Justin Bieber keeping me company!

Super Kitties:  Jackie Chan & Justin Bieber

Super Kitties: Jackie Chan & Justin Bieber