This is my third day in Miami (and the US for that matter).

I have joined friends Sofie and David to race in Ironman 70.3 Miami, which will take place tomorrow.

Of course, I use the term loosely here. Sof and Dave have worked hard and are hoping for PBs. Having been plagued by injury and the lack of training time experienced by working moms everywhere (plus, frankly, not being in the right space to dedicate my life to training) I will have the freshest legs of all. Yeah… I will participate on base fitness and a whole lot of heart.

Anyhoo… this piece is not about my undertraining though. I want to tell you about The Cap.


I bought this Ironman cap in 2013, a day before participating in my first 70.3.

I didn’t finish, and I vowed to not wear it until I had a finisher medal around my neck.

I have taken it out of my drawer from time to time, and have hanged it on my bedpost a few times. Not to taunt me with memories of failure, but to remind me of unfinished business.

It travelled with me to Miami.

To be quite honest, I have never planned on finishing this race, but I thought it would be cool to have the cap around, just in case I put mind over matter and actually do.

The Family

But my story is not about my cap. It is about a family I met at the IM merchandise store yesterday.

After registering, we made our way to the merchandise tent to pick up a few things.

There, we encountered a mother and daughter who were going apeshit with merchandise shopping, trying on shirts and filling their baskets with gear.

“Oh YEAY… finally some normal looking fellow racers…” I thought, because I was growing tired of the looks we got from fellow participants with their branded gear and Ironman tattoos.

We started chatting. They were the nicest people you could meet in an Ironman merchandise queue.

Except… they are not participating. They are here to support a family member who is.

But they just kept on buying and buying and trying stuff on… and they were so sweet and enthusiastic.

I couldn’t help but think about my cap in my hotel room and the fact that it so sacred to me that I will not wear it until I have a finisher medal.

Different strokes, I guess…